Daisuke Maki (a.k.a. lestrrat)

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I have been working as an engineer/programmer since 2000, hacking in Perl, C, and (lately) Go for most of that time. I now live in Tokyo, Japan, but have lived in Portugal, Brasil, and US for about half of my life. Previously I worked at NetApp where I worked on testing NetCache and NetApp Filers. In 2004 I expatriated to Japan, and joined Livedoor Inc, where I worked on anything including search engines, credit card transaction systems, and many web applications.

I briefly wrote Java for Lehman Brothers, then worked as a freelancer with Brazil Inc. for a while. Then I started my own company where I built various systems, while also acquiring a lot of business experience (many of which are favorite beer-time stories)

In 2009 I became the main organizer for YAPC::Asia Tokyo, which is the largest YAPC in the world with more than 1100 attendees. In 2013, I declared my retirement as the organizer. During this time I established Japan Perl Association where I have been working as the Head Director. I have also been editor to the article series Perl Hackers Hub on WEB+DB PRESS since 2011.

In 2010 I re-joined Livedoor Inc, which has since been acquired by LINE, where I have been working on authentication systems, credit card transaction systems (again), livedoorBlog (Japan's largest blogging service), STF (a distributed object storage).

In 2011 I received the White Camel Award

Since 2013, I have been exploring the world of Go, working on projects like go-xslate amd peco

Since 2014, I have been part of the Perl Foundation Grants Committee Member

In 2015, I briefly worked Peatix, then joined HDE, Inc, and organized YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015, gathering 2130 people at Tokyo Bigsight.

Since 2016, I have been working on builderscon, which is an effort aimed at polyglot and polytech topics, with focus on distributed conference organization/execution and sustainability of the supporting communities

Beginning 2017, I now have serial installments of technical articles about Go on WEB+DB PRESS. For the Jun 2017 issue, I wrote a 30 page article about Kubernetes.

"Intro to Modern Perl"

Modern Perl Book I wrote in 2009 about various Perl techniques

"Go For Everybody"

Go For Everybody Book on Go I participated writing in 2016

"Practical Kubernetes"

WEB+DB PRESS vol 99 Article on WEB+DB PRESS vol 99

"Seven Stages of Becoming a Go Programmer"

Seven Stages of Becoming a Go Programmer Article on Opensource.com (Sep 2017)


Title Event Notes
It's OK to Burn Out DevRelCon Tokyo 2021
GoっぽいAPIを求める旅路 Go Conference 2018 Spring  
私の上を通り過ぎていったノベルティ達 ノベルティカンファレンス2018  
筋肉によるコードジェネレーション kamakura.go  
パネルディスカッション「テクノロジーコミュニティの今・これから」 (Technology Communities, Future And Present) Techplay Reception Party Panel Discussion
愛されコミュニティの作り方 (On Creating Communities That Last) TechLion vol 30 Panel Discussion
OSSの敵になっちゃうのもいいじゃない (On Being The Enemy Of FOSS) Y8 Spring In Shibuya Stand-in for a canceled session. Slides written in 4 hours
Coding In The Context Era Go Conference 2017 Spring  
Kubernetes In 30 Minutes Private Seminar  
いまさら聞けないselectあれこれ (This And That About Using select) Go Allstars 2  
Don't Use reflect Go 1.7 Release Party Tokyo  
Auto-Generating builderscon server, validator, and client with JSON (Hyper)? Schema Go Conference 2016 Spring  
Fear, and Loathing in GKE (HTTPS) Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #1  
YAPC::Asia Tokyo: Behind The Scenes YAPC::EU 2015  
How To Think In Go OSCON 2015  
オープンソースの開発現場 - Perl 5.20 のSubroutine Signaturesが来るまでの奮闘の軌跡 YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2014  
Go For Perl Mongers YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2014  
本当にあったレガシーな話 YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013  
STF: Serve Billions Of User Uploaded Media On Commodity Hardware YAPC::NA 2012 Madison, WI  
Running JPA YAPC::NA 2011 Asheville, GA  
CPAN Gems From The Far East YAPC::NA 2011 Asheville, GA  
Perl 非同期プログラミング -  


Name Role
builderscon tokyo 2019 Organizer
builderscon tokyo 2018 Organizer
builderscon tokyo 2017 Organizer
builderscon tokyo 2016 Organizer
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 Organizer
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2014 Foreign Relations / Accounting
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013 Organizer
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 Organizer
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011 Organizer
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2010 Organizer
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 Organizer
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2008 Staff
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2007 Staff
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2006 Staff